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Scouts is open to everyone; we don’t identify exclusively with one faith.

As an inclusive and values based movement, we support our members to engage with spirituality in an exciting and meaningful way.

Celebrating and understanding differences, including differences in faiths and beliefs, is an important part of the educational and developmental side of Scouts.

Anyone who shares our fundamental values can be a Scout. Every Scout's unique, but they find common ground in their shared Scout values and make a commitment to them through the Scout Promise and Law.


It’s important that Scouts is inclusive, so there are variations of the Promise to reflect the range of Scouts’ faiths and beliefs. The different versions of the Promise can be said together at the same time.

The Promise is a simple way to help young people and adults celebrate their shared Scout values. Every Scout promises to stick by these values when they become a member.

It’s important that every member has the chance to think about their Promise, and chat through its meaning, before they make their Promise for the first time during a special ceremony we call an Investiture.

It’s up to the person making the Promise which version they say. They should be able to look at all of the options and consider their choice carefully. Depending on the age of the young person, they may want to chat to their parents or carers as they make their decision.

The Squirrel Scout Promise

The Beaver Scout Promise

The Cub Scout Promise

The Scout Promise

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